September Send it Sunday: Mount Lowe

Our next meet up will be back into the San Gabriels towards Mount Lowe with no real logic in play.

Good news: not real technical because it’ll be a lot of climbing in dirt.

Bad news: You should have just read about the climbing.

We’re going to be doing 39 miles and about 6k of climbing which tops our best by 1,000 feet.

Honestly, I’ve never ridden this exact route before going uphill (although I have run it many times), but I’ll get out before game time

The ride itself is simple.

** RIDE CHANGE: We’ll be starting / ending in Altadena at Cafe de Leche. at 2477 Lake Ave. Meet early at 730am if you’re coming for coffee.

We’ll head east until we hit the Fern Truck Trail to Brown Mountain for our first climb.

There will be some fun downhill action before we continue up the Mount Lowe Motorway where we’ll be passing a lot of history.

Send it Sunday September Updated Route


After climbing about 4,500 feet in just 13 miles, might as well head up to Mount Wilson for a stop at the Cosmic Cafe.

Here’s a some information, tips, and updated rules to abide by:

– The first rule is that this is an unsupported ride and everyone rolls at their own risk.

– Coffee at 7:30AM, ride meet up at 8AM, rollout at 8:15AM (we’ve been on schedule both times)

– Make sure to bring your own tubes and a couple of water bottles. We’ll be stopping at two spots along the way for refills.

– I’d say riding tires 35mm and above will do the trick for most It’s a lot of climbing on some soft sections of dirt.

– This will not be a race pace. At the same time, you have to be in very good to great shape to do this ride. If you’re just getting back into riding, I suggest you read Rule #1 again.

– Once again, there will be post ride activities for those who hang around.

Make sure to check in on our Facebook event page and look forward to seeing you on September 29th!