Video: LA River Path Open from Zoo to Riverside Bridge

If there’s one thing I get the most emails about, it’s the LA River Path specifically at the Riverside Bridge.

Like a lot of other projects, their completion goes past their deadline and even when they look done, they still aren’t opened.

While driving on the Ventura Freeway Tuesday, I noticed someone with a really nice bike actually riding this section on the west side of the bridge and then making his way underneath.

It looked like a nice tri-bike, the type you wouldn’t throw over a fence meaning I thought the gate was open.

My goal for the day was to ride up to Crystal Lake, but luckily I had all my filming gear and time to have a looksee at the progress on the Riverside Bridge on the way back.


Biking the reopened LA River Path from the LA Zoo to Riverside Bridge


I should keep randomly rolling by the LA River because this is the second time I’ve struck gold in the past month, not only get an early scoop on the Whitsett / Coldwater Canyon segment, but I also got featured on the news later on!

Odds are my global empire expand won’t expand after this foray, but if you have the chance to check out this section of the river path and the Riverside Bridge, let me know what you think.