VIDEO: Cycling up to the Hollywood Sign

You would think biking to the Hollywood Sign would be a thing, but there’s a couple good reasons why not.

The first is access.

Not that there isn’t any, but the neighbors have tried to make it difficult by trying to rig maps, add parking restrictions and put “Road Closed” signs up to make things fun.

Still, it doesn’t have much of an effect as you still see tourists scouring about almost like it’s a zombie apocalypse.

Finding the right way up isn’t easy and riding around the City is the best way of finding what is right for you.

The second and more pertinent reason is the climb itself.



Mount Lee where the Hollywood Sign resides sits at 1,700 feet (there is a Mount Hollywood, but is just east).

Normally, no matter which direction you’re coming from, you’ll have to do at least 1,000 feet of climbing with some very steep pitches along the way.

Even if you get dropped off as high up as a car can take you (which is difficult), you’ll still have to cover about 600 feet of elevation in about 2km.


Lounging right above the Hollywood Sign (you can see some of the letters)


In other words, you’ll likely need to be on a road bike and in pretty good shape as the grade hits double digits in a few spots.

It’s a tough climb and a cautious descent with all the people hiking up, so that’s another reason to beware.

Instead of all the fuss, hopefully watching this video will be enough to fill your need for Hollywood Sign-age.