Show Up Wednesday for Lanes On Lankershim

We all talk about making our city better for cycling, but there are very few moments we can actually do something about it.

This Wednesday night is one of those opportunities where the cycling community can show others we can make a difference.

Everyone knows Lankershim Blvd. would be a great place for these proposed protected bike lanes.

Not only is this a vibrant business district, but we’re seeing a lot of residential development happen along this corridor as well.

And if Lankershim is good enough to hold a CicLAvia, you know it needs bike lanes.



If Lankershim is good enough for a CicLAvia, it’s good enough for Protected Bike Lanes.


The Mayor’s Great Streets program will be making a presentation to add bike lanes to Lankershim and you’re needed to be there to show your support.

When Mount Hollywood Drive was being threatened to allow car access, we not only packed the place, but had just as many outside.

That was a fight we won and success on Lankershim is within reach (I was going to say victory, but why confuse you with street names).

All I ask of you is to show up Wednesday night at North Hollywood Park at 7pm (Senior Citizen Center, 5301 Tujunga).

We need as many voices possible to show that these lanes matter despite the pushback from those who think doubling down car centric policies will solve any problems.



It was standing room only at the Griffith Park meeting two years ago not including all those outside.


If you live on the other side of the hill: no problem.

You can take the Red Line directly to the meeting (it’s a block away).

Some of us are going to meet up at the new Groundworks Coffee inside the old but new Lankershim Train Depot at the NoHo Metro Station.

If you can’t hang before, I’ll be at Pitfire Pizza after and odds are I’m buying a pitcher.

Please come if only for a few minutes and if not, please fill out this survey showing your support.

We’re so close, we don’t want to drop the ball on this one.

Be a part of the solution.