Vote Today…because Griffith Observatory is Closed for Work

First of all: Vote!

It won’t take you long.

I didn’t write my full endorsement column, but if you haven’t read about my position voting NO on S or checked out Bike the Vote, there’s still plenty of time to get up on it.

Since polls will probably be empty and it’s a short ballot, it shouldn’t take you long to do the deed, so there’s still plenty of time to ride.

As I’ve mentioned previously, work to implement the >Griffith Park Circulation & Enhancement Plan is well underway with a target to get it done by spring break.


This morning, Vermont Canyon was closed to cars above the Greek and the entrance to the Griffith Observatory was closed from Western Canyon.

What caught my eye was seeing the perpendicular striping going up on W Observatory Road.

That makes sense since it’ll cut down drivers running over the parking kiosks.

The closure is only taking place today and we’ll see the completed work done Wednesday.





Closure at Western Canyon.





Vermont Canyon right above the Greek.



Vermont Canyon near the Tunnel.