Weekly Roundup: CicLAvia. CicLAvia. CicLAvia!

CicLAvia keeps coming and you can’t do nothing to stop it. We’re already up to #14 and at this rate we’ll exceed the number of Wrestlemania’s by 2019.

My initial thought after the Venice/Culver City reveal was, “August 9th? People will melt”. Remember though, that’s from a valley perspective where it’s roughly three times hotter than the westside.

Correct math aside, this event was another predictable hit. Even the Tito’s Tacos controversy even reinforced why CicLAvia’s are so successful. People + parking with bikes = profits!

As for me, I was stationed at the LACBC booth the entire day being Mar Vista fabulous. I did wander around the hub and dispatched Mrs. CiclaValley and progeny to shoot some pics, but from my limited info, I’m guessing this was the most well attended CicLAvia of the year.

Not a shot at the valley. We’ve had only one crack at it. On to the photos:

CicLAviaCC047:58 AM. CicLAvia still an hour away, but people are buzzing to go.


Everyone is required to take this shot, although I don’t know where it is!


I never met the owner of this vehicle, but I bet if he could spend more to turn his van into the Yellow Submarine, I know he would.


World’s largest toothpick.


New Orleans Band. I like that they keep coming back.

Just checking in with Tito’s Tacos


This guy was so old school, he even had a Blackberry phone!


Today on the menu at the Mar Vista Farmers Market: Man!


He’ll show up with a larger sound system next time I bet.




The Mapei kit is always a head turner.


This signals the end of CicLAvia or combatants lining up for the new Wolfpack Hustle LAPD crit