Wolfpack Hustle Civic Center Crit Registration Opens Tomorrow

The world already knows all this, but this event deserves all the love. Registration for the Wolfpack Hustle Civic Center Crit opens tomorrow for one of Los Angeles’ premiere racing events.

Now that I’m behind the looking glass a bit, I understand the massive amount of work it takes to pull something like this off and Don Ward does it to near perfection.

I also want to mention how much Don puts his money where his mouth is. He played a large role in bringing the fight to keep traffic off of Mt.MarcMensFixedQualifier Hollywood Drive and the Glendale-Hyperion Bridge fiasco. He’s volunteered his time to a number of charitable events and is a real staple of the cycling community.

Funny story: a couple of weeks ago I came across a kid curbed with a mechanical along the LA River. He thought he had a flat, but after looking closely I told him his tire was torn beyond the point where sticking a dollar bill in there would help.

Clearly I could tell this kid was new to cycling and he was riding a hand me down. On the other side of his frame, I noticed an LACBC sticker. I said, “Hey! I work for them. Where’d you get that from?” His answer, “I got it from Wolkpack Hustle.”

It’s easy to say that these races attract the younger crowd and for many is their entry way into cycling. It doesn’t mean everyone will drop 5 Gs on a carbon frame and start shaving their legs, but it does bring awareness that biking is a viable option for getting around.

Will I be racing? No, but I’m bringing company. Last year, my daughter, almost two at the time, had a blast watching the racers go round and round even though she had no idea what they were doing(like dad).

Sign ups begin tomorrow and they’ll fill up fast, but also consider registering as a volunteer. It takes a dedicated portion of the cycling community to pull this off and this is an event worth putting your time in. Register here: